• Frédéric Gooris
    Frédéric Gooris, Belgian industrial designer, born at Leuven in 1974, graduated from the Hogeschool Antwerpen in 1998. In 1999 he moves to Milan, where he obtains his Master in Design at Domus Academy.
    The next 5 years he gains experience working for Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni working on a very wide range of projects for internationally renowned companies such as Target, Alessi, Laufen, Oras, Inda, Magis, Deborah, Lavazza, Hannspree, Nissan, Helit, Siemens, Modo and Ycami.
    Besides being a creative mind, he is also a driven entrepreneur: in 2004 he founds Studio Gooris in Milan doing product and concept design for companies all over the globe, including  Alessi, Seiko, Target, Ferrero, Levis, JCPenny, Foreverlamp, 101 Studio Limited (Sun Hing Vision Group), EQ3, among others. In 2009 he co-founds Bombol, a company for design oriented baby furniture.
    In search of new creative adventures he makes a bold move: in 2010 he moves to Hong Kong, one of the most dynamic cities in the world and located at the doorstep of the factory of the world.  Today, Studio Gooris Ltd is a flexible partner for its clients that span renowned companies, start-ups and manufacturing companies that simply want to take matters in their own hands.
  • Design philosophy
    Originally founded in Milan in 2004, Studio Gooris Ltd is a Hong Kong based industrial design studio where innovation and storytelling are fused into emotional products. These are the essential components of every successful design: the innovation improves our everyday lives while the storytelling makes us fall in love with a product. This is our core expertise.
    We live in societies where our needs evolve and change. New products must give innovative answers to a constantly changing environment. Just like relations between people, beauty without substance is no base for a lasting relationship; only the products that give a satisfying answer both emotionally and rationally will create a strong relation with its user. This results ultimately in brand loyalty.

    A successful design makes an emotional "click" with the user in pretty much in the same way children are instinctively attracted to things. We achieve this by telling stories within our designs, and everybody does love a good story. As an ex-apprentice of two the world’s leading design communicators, Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni, Frédéric Gooris' designs speak a language - minimal or playful - that is understood by a very wide audience. The larger the group of people that understand intuitively the story embedded within the design, the more successful a product will be.

    Through our designs we equally promote positive social change by taking into consideration the long-term impact of a project on the society we live in. Well-thought products have the power to influence how people consume and behave. As designers we can make a truly important contribution by looking at design as a mean, not a goal; in other words use design as a "horse of Troy" to seduce people into a sustainable way of living. Along the way, people will start experiencing the clear tangible advantages and consciously start adjusting their way of consuming. Paradoxically, the more we consume this kind of products, the less resources we consume. Creating a reality where economic development goes hand in hand with social consciousness and sustainability, this is the new story we want to be part of.